Descendants of Paul Orr and Isabella Boyd
in Ireland and America
From linen weavers and grain mill operators of Aghadowey
Parish in Northern Ireland to the cities and plains of North
America came the descendants of Paul Orr and Isabella Boyd.
In America they worked in steel mills in Pennsylvania, built
churches in Massachusetts and Missouri, farmed throughout
the Midwest, taught school everywhere, and fought in two
world wars on behalf of their country. Some died in the U.S.
Army or its Air Corps, others in the RAF.  The grain mills on
rivers and creeks became flour companies in Missouri and
they moved from one-room school houses to universities.

The index of nearly 2,400+ names and many locations tells
you how to find them, the stories told by their descendants
bring the people to life. They began life in America in
Lawrence and Jasper Counties in Missouri, Allen County, IN,
and the Philadelphia, PA and Boston areas.

The Ozark Prairie Presbyterian Church of Mount Vernon, MO
(shown above) is modeled after Aghadowey Presbyterian
Church. Find out how family history and American progress
have crossed paths for the Orrs, Campbells, Mitchells,
Shirleys, and the many other families they created.
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The children of Paul Orr and Isabella Boyd are:
James (married Jane Reed), Allen County, Indiana
William (married Jennie Adams),  Lawrence County, Missouri
George (married Elizabeth Brown), Lawrence County, Missouri
Elizabeth (married William McMurtry), stayed in Ireland, possibly no living descendants
Martha (married John Mitchell), Knox descendants went to Lawrence County, Missouri. Some
Mitchell descendants went to Australia, and Gilmore descendants went to Pennsylvania.
Ann (married Valentine Shirley), Philadelphia and Quincy, Massachusetts
Isabelle (married Ephraim Campbell), Lawrence and Jasper Counties, Missouri

They lived in Aghadowey Parish, in the Townland of Rhee, not far from Coleraine in
Londonderry. The Campbells also lived in Ballylaggan, and George Orr lived in Moneydig and
taught in Belfast for a time. Descendants have been born in, married in, lived in, or died in 49 of
the 50 American states.
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The family in the photo is the John Adams Orr family -- John and wife Mary Frances (Frannie
Scroggs), with daughter Carrie.  The boys are George Boyd, Charles Houston, and Alfred W.
(Fred) Orr.  Fred led the first meeting of the
Orr Reunion Association in 1937, and George was
elected president that year.  John Adams Orr was from Lawrence County, MO and Frannie
Scroggs Orr from Dade County.