Behind the Walls
Sixth in the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series
Jolie is thrilled to have her own house -- even if it was damaged by Hurricane
Sandy and in need of some definite TLC. She and friend Scoobie don't expect to find
a sack of jewelry when they pull down wallboard. The loose diamonds and fancy
bracelets must have been there a long time. Who put them there? Will anyone come
looking for them? When Jolie finds an elderly Ocean Alley auctioneer dead on her
porch swing, she thinks his death relates to the jewelry. Or does it? Join Jolie,
Scoobie, Aunt Madge, friends and some nutty pets. With the usual humor and need
to ferret out a killer, the Jolie Gentil series is as much fun as ever.

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This cozy series has such fun characters..."Behind the Walls" has a great plot and several
interesting subplots. I highly recommend this.
Prairie House, on Amazon

This book was wonderful! Although this was the first book I read in this series, I did not feel
that I was lost. I felt that I could relate to the main character. The story line was easy to
Melissa Ransom on Goodreads