Elaine L. Orr
Upcoming Events
In addition to writing, Elaine also does presentations on topics such as electronic
publishing, writing mysteries, and using social media to promote books. She is
always pleased to participate in writing-related conferences and book signings. I
am often at the Third Thursday Reading at the
Sherman (IL) Public Library,
sponsored by
Twelves Winters Press.
Magna Cum Murder
Indianapolis Columbia Club on Monument Circle
October 25-27, 201
Panels to be posted
Gaithersburg Book Festival
Grounds of City Hall
Gaithersburg, Maryland
May 18, 2019
I've rented a table for this all-day event. I may be doing a panel. More info as I
know it.

Email contact: elaineorr55@yahoo.com
Phone contact: (641) 455-3257